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heather root

heather root

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Your purchase removes 2.2 lb of plastic waste from the environment.

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  • 100% natural: no chemical substances are added during manufacturing. Don't panic if your dog swallows small pieces, the root is entirely digestible.
  • Safety: the root does not break into dangerous shards during the chewing process.
  • Guaranteed duration: the resistance of the root is obtained by passing it through boiling water.
  • Dental hygiene: heather root contributes to your dog's oral hygiene and acts like a natural toothbrush, removing plaque and tartar.
  • They help promote calm behavior by performing natural behavior.
  • Chewing can help reduce stress levels.
  • When your dog is injured, recovering from surgery, or other times when physical exercise is reduced.
  • To prevent puppies from getting into mischief, so you can go to the toilet in peace!


Heathers represent more than 800 species of plants in the Ericaceae family. Our root chew for dogs is made in Italy, from the tuberous root of heathers, it is a pink to reddish wood

This is the strain that is used: we speak of “heather root”. The best known is Erica arborea, due to its size. Heather root is a 100% natural, artisanal, but above all ecological chew treat for dogs, because its harvest is only authorized by the competent organizations in charge of forest management.

Spending 4 hours in boiling water reduces the tannins naturally present in the root, which is then dried in the open air, then cut and sanded by local artisans. These products have limited availability due to responsible harvesting.

Heather wood is not treated, it does not contain any artificial additives or preservatives. It is ecological, natural and does not split. It is therefore extremely durable and suitable for strong jaws that need stimulation. Heather roots are also rich in nutrients and low in fat.

The expected lifespan is 3 months minimum for dogs who like to chew non-stop, but we have dogs who have had them for years

For who ?

They are suitable for puppies over 3 months old up to seniors, it is a fantastic and fun product that allows you to stimulate your dog through chewing while promoting good oral hygiene.

Size S (151-300 Gr)
Size M (301-500 Gr)
Size L (501-750 Gr)

using advice

It is recommended to replace the product when it reaches a size that is too small in relation to the animal's mouth.


100% heather wood root

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CleanHub 🌊

CleanHub est une entreprise basée à Berlin qui utilise la technologie pour empêcher le plastique de pénétrer dans la mer en mettant en œuvre la récupération des déchets là où il n’y en a pas.

Leur solution permet aux marques proactives de financer et de faire progresser la récupération du plastique dans les communautés côtières d’Asie et d’Afrique avec le plus grand risque de pénétration du plastique dans l’océan.

Les efforts de collecte sont entièrement transparents et ouvertement percutants.

Sa technologie d’IA certifiée ISO par TÜV SÜD est utilisée pour suivre et tracer la collecte.

Contrairement aux approches alternatives qui se concentrent sur la récupération du plastique une fois qu’il est déjà dans la nature, CleanHub l’empêche d’y arriver en premier lieu.

À partir de maintenant, CleanHub collectera 2.20 lb (1kg) par commande 🌊

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