Sako&Co: Your Ultimate Guide to Chewing

Natural treats: Healthy choice for your dogs and cats

Find out how to choose your natural treats with Sako&Co

There is a wide variety of treats on the market, but how do you choose your treat and best meet your dog's chewing needs?

It is to answer this question that I created the Sako&Co Masticometers!

How did I create them?

Depending on the hardness and smell of the treat, I created a chewing scale, for the different profiles of dogs, without forgetting our cats!

Discover a selection of chewing meters that will allow you to find the ideal treat for your pet completely independently to finally meet its chewing needs without difficulty.

Depending on the tastes of your animals, you will know how to choose your treats!

Non-exhaustive list and possibility of evolution.

Puppy: Small jaw, delicate teeth, need gentle chewing.
Small dog: Small jaw, needs gentle chewing.
Senior: Delicate teeth, need for gentle chewing.
Gourmet: Delicate dog, medium chew, greedy, palatable treats.
Large chewer: Powerful jaw, strong teeth, palatable treats.

Cat: Delicate chewing, palatable treats, well-being, stimulation.

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