About Sako&Co

Welcome to Sako&Co.
I offer you a presentation of the store to get to know us better.

Who is behind Sako&Co?

My name is Lucie and as far back as I can remember, animals have always been part of my life.

I trained as a dog trainer in 2021, which allowed me to discover the canine world in more detail.

I have always wanted to work with animals.

The SakoandCo adventure begins with the arrival of my furry companion, Sako, a 3-month-old golden retriever.

Why Sako&Co?

I decided to put into practice everything I knew and learned with Sako and more…

To help him grow in the human world, I started looking for lots of little things that would help him in his daily life.

So that he feels good in his paws and in his head.

I became passionate about looking for what would please him the most.

Help him to be able to visualize the obstacles in his life as something positive.

My goal is to see my dog ​​smile and please him as much as he pleases me!

I like the idea of ​​combining products that are healthy for him, 100% natural and well-manufactured.

My observation?

In commerce, we can find a significant diversity of products.

Most processed with chemical ingredients, of dubious origins and which do not last.

I am committed to offering natural products, whose traceability I know.

How are the packaging chosen?

The packaging that we usually find is all too often made of plastic.

According to “The SeaCleaners”, an association that works for clean oceans, preserved biodiversity and global awareness against plastic pollution.


Of the more than 380 million tonnes of plastic produced per year worldwide, more than 50% are single-use products.

40% is used for food packaging.

Once plastics become waste, only 10% are recycled globally.

32% end up in nature and particularly in the Ocean…

9 to 14 million tonnes of plastic waste are dumped there each year.

1 ton of plastic waste dumps into the oceans every 3 seconds.

This is why the packaging is 100% recyclable kraft.

This helps reduce our plastic waste and our impact on the planet.

Why a website and Click and Collect?

The idea of ​​helping dog and cat owners find quality products and my love for pampering my little ones seemed obvious to me:

I decided to open an online store, bringing together everything our four-legged friends love.

Living in the countryside, specialized stores are rare and far away.

This is why, in addition to delivery everywhere in France!

Sako & Co offers a local service.

Via Click and Collect around Die (26150 DrĂ´me)

(Go to the Click and Collect section to find out more.)

What if we talked about the products that Sako & Co offers?

Find French or European products, sustainable, natural and healthy for your four-legged companions.

These are products that we consume at home, tested and approved by us with Sako and Mango!

Natural treats for chewing, recipes and even licking mats are available on our site.

There is something for every taste !

If our products interest you, we look forward to seeing you at Sako & Co!

With Sako and Mango, we remain available to answer your questions.

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