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Whole deer antler

Whole deer antler

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  • Rich in natural minerals and nutrients
  • Eliminates tartar and plaque
  • Captures attention through the action of chewing
  • An appetizing aroma thanks to the marrow
  • Helps improve circulation and metabolism, reduces cholesterol
  • Strengthens bone structure, muscles and joints
  • Maintains healthy cells, improves the immune system
  • Helps prevent inflammation caused by arthritis
  • Ideal for overweight dogs: Contains no fat or sugar
  • Low odor, non-staining and long lasting
  • Ideal for destructive dogs


Chewing whole deer antlers will delight your doggies for long hours instead of attacking your furniture or shoes.

They are the perfect size to be literally gnawed on by your 4-legged friends who constantly need something to eat.

Deer antler is 100% natural, rich in nutrients, this premium delicacy is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus and protein.

Deer antlers are composed primarily of calcium and phosphorus, but also include other vital minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, and zinc. These minerals are essential for strong bones and muscles.

For who ?

These are good treats for puppies, especially when they are teething, to ease the discomfort of having their adult teeth erupt. However, they must be given with caution, as puppies are more likely to swallow objects. So be sure to choose a size large enough that they can't swallow it, but small enough that your puppy can still chew it effectively.

Deer antler is a natural product, the antlers can therefore vary in size and shape, several formats are available:

S - ≈ 9 CM - ≈ 50-74 Gr
M - ≈ 11 CM - ≈ 75-149 Gr
L - ≈ 12/15 CM - ≈ 150-224 Gr
XL- ≈ 15/16 Cm - ≈ 225-269 Gr
XXL - ≈ 16/17 CM - ≈ 270-350 Gr

using advice

If your dog is not or no longer interested in chewing wood, soak it overnight in water in the refrigerator or immerse it in the kibble bag so that it takes in the scent.

Your pet will regain the appetite for freshly moistened marrow. You can also “flavor” it as you wish by dipping it in a homemade chicken or beef broth.


Minerals 53%, Protein 32%, Moisture 14%, Fat 0.10%, Fiber 3%, Calcium 21g/100G, Phosphorus 10g/100g, Magnesium 26mg/100g, Iron 998ppm, Sodium 0.4%, Potassium 0, 02%

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