Quelles friandises choisir pour votre chien ?

Which treats to choose for your dog?

Hi all ! We're here today to talk about natural treats! There are a fair amount of treats and we can quickly get lost.

To make your work easier, we have decided to give you a selection of treats by category. However, depending on your dog's tastes, this list is not exhaustive!


I think you've all noticed that puppies tend to easily want to chew on everything that comes under their noses. This is why you can give your puppy natural treats to help him ease teething. This will also keep your furniture intact! (I'll let you see our article on interaction and occupation toys to help you better differentiate between the two). For our puppies' little teeth, we will instead opt for natural treats that are tender, easy to chew, and palatable! Beef sticks , pork ear , chicken necks , fish skin , Yak cheese, deer legs will be your best allies!

Little dog

At Sako & Co we also think about small dogs. Just like for puppies, we will favor treats of small sizes, so that small dogs can enjoy their chews without difficulty! Beef sticks , Yak cheese , chicken necks , fish skin , rabbit ear with hair , pork ear , deer leg


For dogs who appreciate treats with flavor and a good chewing sensation, we offer: beef hooves , beef noses , beef tendons , beef trachea , beef ear with hair , o Pig ear , rabbit ear with hair , fish skin , buffalo horn , Yak cheese, deer leg will be made for him!

Big chewer

For big chewers we will go for treats that are quite long in chewing, which will allow them to last over time! beef hoof , beef snouts , beef tendons , beef trachea , beef ear with hair , deer antler , deer leg , buffalo horn , Yak cheese , antler Ebony , olive wood stick , heather root . All his treats will be perfect for him!

So, are you ready to please him without delay? Up to you !

Lucie Bouldouyré - Sako & Co

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