Quelle est la différence entre les jouets d'interactions et d'occupations ?

What is the difference between interaction and activity toys?

Hello everyone ! Together we will see how to differentiate between interaction and activity toys.
In fact, recognizing these two categories will allow you to better choose your dog's toys.

Interaction toys

These are all toys that allow you to play with your dog, and thus have fun with him, like your rope, a ball, a frisbee.

Occupational toys

These are all toys that will keep your dog busy, without you. Most of the time these are chewing toys.

Why differentiate them

When your puppy arrives home (this is also true for your dog), it is important to make him understand the difference between his two toys so that he can become independent later.
When you are away, take away your dog's interaction toys, so that he can only play with his activity toys.
When you come back, represent him with a rope for example to help him relieve his stress and his excitement. In addition to helping him to unload while playing, interaction play will allow you to build a strong bond with your dog.
You can also use these to educate your dog through games!

Over time, the dog will understand that to relieve stress independently, it can unload with its activity toys.

The different forms of occupational toys

Chewing toys , stuffing toys , licking mats , natural treats , you can find activity toys in different forms!

You can find all of its toys at Sako & Co, to make your absences pleasant and stimulating in the eyes of your dog. So many diverse and varied shapes, thus facilitating everyone's tastes!

In addition to helping your puppy manage his emotions, you allow him to avoid teething on your furniture. You will then avoid potential conflict with the latter. He will then be able to grow in the best possible way.

Be careful, when you give your dog his toys for the first time, observe his behavior to avoid possible ingestion of his toys in the wrong way.

Up to you !

Lucie Bouldouyré - Sako & Co
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