Secrets de fabrication et engagement en qualité

Sako&Co natural treats: Manufacturing secrets and commitment to quality

The secrets behind Sako&Co's natural treats: The truth about their transformation

Welcome to Sako&Co, where every treat is more than just a pleasure for your four-legged friend.

We are committed to bringing you the highest quality natural products, but what makes our treats so special?

In this article, we'll explore the process of making our delicious treats, highlighting the steps taken to preserve their natural character and quality.

Artisanal manufacturing and natural drying

At Sako&Co, quality starts from the start of the process.
Our treat pieces are carefully sorted, cut and prepared by hand.
We make a point of selecting French suppliers, thus favoring short circuits for maximum traceability and minimizing our ecological footprint.

Once prepared, the pieces are laid out flat or hung before going through our air or low temperature drying method.
This gentle process, with an average temperature between 65 and 80 degrees, helps retain essential nutrients while ensuring the complete absence of chemicals, additives, flavorings or preservatives.
Our treats thus remain 100% natural, preserving their quality and healthy nature!

Food safety and quality guaranteed

At Sako&Co, food safety is an absolute priority.

Our suppliers assure you that they have rigorous measures at each stage of the manufacturing process to guarantee the quality and safety of our products.

Our treats are packaged by our suppliers in airtight plastic bags, with particular attention to avoiding any cross-contamination. In addition, our team follows a strict prophylaxis guide to ensure product safety, hygiene and traceability.

We carefully monitor our stock to prevent infestation or spoilage, and we encourage our customers to store treats away from heat and humidity once purchased.

Quality control and full traceability

Each treat undergoes rigorous testing in an independent laboratory, where its composition is analyzed and tests for diseases such as salmonellosis are carried out.

In addition, our suppliers comply with HACCP standards and ISO protocols to guarantee product quality and safety.

To ensure total traceability, each product is associated with a batch number provided by our suppliers, making it possible to trace its journey from its origin to its final transformation.


At Sako&Co, our commitment to quality, naturalness and food safety is at the heart of everything we do!

We are proud to offer you natural treats that nourish the body and mind of your faithful companion.

With our artisan manufacturing process, high-quality ingredients, and commitment to excellence, you can be confident in every bite you give your beloved pet!
Lucie - Sako&Co 🐾
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