Les besoins naturelles du chien

The dog's natural needs

Understanding the dog's natural needs for its well-being

The essentials of canine physical and mental well-being:

Like humans, dogs have basic needs. Not respecting or satisfying your needs on a daily basis means facing problematic situations...

It is essential to understand that physiological needs such as drinking, eating, sleeping and relieving themselves are paramount to a dog's health. However, chewing needs , adequate physical activity, and mental stimulation are just as crucial for balance.

But they also have other physical and psychological needs: they need to run and frolic. He also needs to use his brain, take in his smells, find solutions like catching the ball stuck under the sofa... In short, think.

The basic dog training commands, and the tricks we teach them, are a great way to give your dog some mental exercise. Learning self-control and frustration management will also take place; the success of this learning is one of the keys to a harmonious and complicit life in the human world in which it evolves.

A dog with whom you have met all its needs, and a dog which, in the house when you are away for example, will remain calm, and will sleep when you are not there, or when you are going about your business. Because he had a pretty good physical and mental expenditure to be tired.

Sometimes we find ourselves short of time to take our dog out in the morning enough to satisfy all his needs. And depending on his age, our dog does not have all the necessary resources to be able to find answers to all his problems.

This is why we have to show him the Bée plan he needs:

Chewing is an essential activity for a puppy, like an adult dog; chewing helps relieve stress.

Licking promotes the secretion of endorphins (the happiness hormone) having a calming effect on your dog. Another advantage is that it promotes oral hygiene. In fact, it stimulates the production of saliva and helps clean the tongue, teeth and gums.

Smell is a particularly developed sense in dogs. It is a chemical sense, like taste. It allows the animal to recognize and identify individuals, other dogs, other animal species, objects or even dangers. It is also the most energy-intensive sense in dogs.

We must give our dog alternatives to grow or live a fulfilled dog life by offering him natural treats, licking mats, but also stuffing or chewing toys.

At Sako & Co we offer you a varied range of products which will allow you to indicate the best path to follow for your dog, and to combine business with pleasure by reviving his taste buds.

Finally, we must not forget, the dog is an animal belonging to a social group, it needs healthy and balanced relationships with humans and peers. Our contact, although pleasant, does not replace contact with fellow human beings. Providing him with sufficient encounters with his four-legged friends will allow him to acquire stability and of course obvious well-being.

If its basic needs are not met on a daily basis, the pressure increases in the pressure cooker... And when the pressure is too strong, the pressure cooker explodes. Each dog explodes in its own way, according to its temperament, according to its behavioral reactions, according to the associations it has already made in the past, according to the reactions of its humans...

The dog does not know the concept of stupidity, he only looks for an activity that allows him to relieve pressure , and therefore stress.

It's up to humans to adapt to their dog's needs and not the other way around! So don't wait any longer, and allow your dog to feel better and grow in the best possible conditions!

Lucie Bouldouyré - Sako&Co

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