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Des friandises naturelles pour chats, mais pourquoi ?

Natural treats for cats, but why?

Giving your cat natural treats keeps him from getting bored. No reliable scientific study has proven the chewing need of cats . In its natural state, it does not land with prey between its paws to chew it.
On the other hand, he will rather play with his prey by stalking it, running after it, jumping on it, throwing it in the air and catching it in the places where it hides.

Yes, and this is often the case for cats who are bored or who need to expend their boundless hunting energy.

In order to stimulate, occupy, tire and enrich the daily life of our bored cat, we will offer him to hunt his food with, for example:

    • A Likimat licking mat : to garnish with wet food.
    • THE Matatabi is the most successful catnip with our little felines. It is twice as strong as classic catnip (Catnip or Valerian), acting as a natural stimulant, it makes your cat extremely playful. Don't worry if you see your cat rolling around while licking or even drooling. Just use it on your cat's favorite toy or piece of furniture and let the fun begin!
    • Fish skin : You can't get much healthier than fish skins. They are rich in high-quality, easily digestible proteins, oils and fats. These contribute to the rich concentration of omega-3, which helps improve heart, eye, brain, skin and joint health. These crispy and tasty rolled fish skin sticks have a wild taste that your dog and cat will love. Break them into small pieces. Some cats love these soft treats. You can soften them with a little hot water.

Do you know where Matatabi comes from?

Matatabi (the vine of the Silvervine plant) is a native plant found in Japan and Southeast Asia. It has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times. In Japan, Matatabi is used as a magical cure for all cat ailments.

At Sako & Co we sell Matatabi to you in two forms:
  • Matatabi stick : he chews the stick to extract the essential oil which contains the attractive chemical molecules and therefore to benefit from its euphoric effects. And no, we reassure you, it is not a drug because there is no dependence created and because its euphoric effect fades very quickly. On the other hand, like all its other toys, the sticks should be used in moderation so as not to bore your cat.
  • Matatabi Powder : Simply shake the bottle two or three times and add the powder directly to food three times a day (for cats with poor appetite), or sprinkle the powder on the cat's toys or on the scratching post to make your cat happy and excited.

How is it produced?

We select only the best parts of the Matatabi plant at the height of the season, which guarantees optimal product quality. Our Matatabi is 100% natural, without preservatives or artificial ingredients.

They are finely ground to make the perfect “marinade” for toys. Just rub a pinch or two on a toy, and you'll get the same effects you get with Matatabi sticks, now easy to use with other favorite toys!

The effects ?

The effects last between 5 and 30 minutes.

In general, Matatabi has a better effect on cats than catnip because it contains two active ingredients and catnip only contains one. Typical behaviors of cats on silver vine are to rolling, rubbing their chin and cheeks, meowing, drooling and licking.

Some cats become like kittens by playing with their toys. Others will be more relaxed and relax into a dream state. Cats usually begin to react when they are over 6 months old, but some may do so earlier.

Not all cats react the same way to the essential oils of each plant. Their preference is based on genetics, their mood, the day and how they like to play. If you're not sure what your cat likes, our pack (sticks + powder) is a great way to try it all out and see what your cat prefers!

Most of our kittens are encouraged by the essential oils in Matatabi sticks to lick, chew or roll on the floor with them.
However, there is also a proportion of cats who react less strongly to essential oils. This is not a lack of active substances in the rod, but a genetic or age-related reaction (older cats or not yet sexually mature).

But also in these cases there are possibilities to inspire the cat for dental care. Whether it's a game of fishing, a game of hide and seek or placing a stick in a glass.
1. Remove the skin from the Matatabi with a knife, exposing the white
2. Tease your cat like a cat wand, or simply throw it to your cat to play with.
3. After a period of use, cut the outer layer again to refresh the power.

Trick :

Exfoliate dental plaque on your cat's teeth by taking this Matatabi powder, which also helps keep your cat's breath fresh for excellent dental hygiene!

Lucie Bouldouyré - Sako&Co

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